Add Enter Webz to your TiVo DVR

On HD UIs: select Showcases, Apps, & Games, then “Add an App”

On SD UIs: select Music, Photos, & Showcases, then “Manually Add a Server”

Enter this IP address:


Your use of this IP address is acknowledgement of the following warnings and risks.


  • TiVo DVRs, especially older models, are not designed for the complexity of most web pages.  Many pages are layed out in such a way that the TiVo can’t handle it.  This can cause strange behavior, sudden exit of the App, or in some cases, your TiVo DVR will unexpectedly reboot.
  • Images are shown from a temporary cache in spare disk space on your TiVo.  If your TiVo is full, images will stop showing.
  • TiVo DVRs have limits to how they can process images, music, and videos.  If content from a page exceeds those limits, the DVR will not show the content, show an error, or possibly exit the App.
  • In some cases bad/unsupported content can cause features of the DVR to stop working temporarily and may require a DVR reboot to fix them.  This is known to happen with the TiVo’s MP3 music player.
  • In some cases bad/unsupported content can cause the DVR to become unstable, leading to a later unexpected reboot.
  • Live TV is supported within Enter Webz.  Series 3 and earlier TiVo DVRs don’t support it as safely.  It is recommended that you close the Live TV window (by pressing “Slow” when it is in PIP mode) BEFORE exiting the app (especially exiting via the “Live TV” button)
  • Due to risk of reboot, you should restrict your use to times when the TiVo isn’t recording.

  • Enter Webz, due to technical limitations, is not as secure as your computer’s web browser.  You can improve privacy and security by running it from your home computer instead of the public IP address server.
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